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    We Observe Your Online Business
    Unified Cloud Platform for Web and Mobile Applications Testing, Monitoring & IT Infrastructure Management

Be always informed if your Web environment is available, performing and functioning as expected.

All-in-One Test Automation and Monitoring Solutions

One Unified Dashboard

Dashboard combines performance data from your Web and Mobile applications, databases, servers and network at the same time.

User Experience Testing and Monitoring

Continually tests your applications to make sure they are functioning properly 24 hours, seven days a week.

Server and Network Monitoring

Linux and Windows servers' health monitoring, including deep metrics on network performance and availability.

Smart Notifications

The smart notifications reduce numbers of alerts and lets the right people know about potential problems at the right time.

Test Automation

Emulate real user actions to assure and verify most critical functions of your online business

Managed Services

Leverage Free SiteObservers Support Services to create functional Web tests and configure system monitors.

What Clients say?

Customer Testimonails

SiteObservers has improved our knowledge of how our Web sites are performing from many points across the globe. We also have the statistics from the user experience monitors that simulate a transaction like our customers would, showing that it's working and performing as we expect

Zach Sherry Boost Media, Inc.