SiteObservers WordPress Plugin

Turns Your WordPress Dashboard Into a Monitoring Control Panel

FIRST cloud based service to monitor WordPress plugins

Monitor Web infrastructure on WordPress powered website. SiteObservers WordPress plugin is the first all-in-one monitoring solutions for server, applications and Wordpress plugins to help safeguard and enhance online business.
SiteObservers WordPress plugin
Effective Integration of Monitoring Services on WordPress Dashboard It is an innovative approach to online cloud based monitoring software and services to help you reduce the operations cost, and increase performance of your business. It is an absolutely FREE WordPress plugin with an ability to upgrade for the advanced features at any time.
SiteObservers WordPress monitor

Enterprise Level Features and Capabilities SiteObservers plugin is lightweight, simple and easy to install WordPress plugin powered by enterprise level features like powerful drill-down, detailed oriented reports, geographical monitoring, SLA capabilities, and many more.
SiteObservers WordPress monitor

How to Start Monitoring WordPress Website or Blog?

It is very simple and easy to start monitoring your WordPress site health in 3 easy steps.
  • Sign up for a free SiteObservers account
  • Download and install SiteObservers WordPress plugin
  • Provide your SiteObservers credentials on the WordPress Dashboard