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View Your Applications Performance from Your Customer's Perspective

Unified IT Monitoring Platform

Get the unified view into the performance of your web sites, applications, servers and network. The easy-to-use SiteObservers Control Panel gives you access to all of your monitoring data – from sites to applications to web services and more – in one convenient location
Unified Monitoring Dashboard

Mobile Monitoring

Mobile Monitoring ensures that as a provider of mobile applications, sites or tools - you’re able to meet your customers performance expectation

With SiteObservers Mobile Monitoring you can measure the performance of your mobile applications and websites. Receive actionable alerts immediately when performance degrades. And easily access trending data such as detailed performance data, graphs and reports, giving you the complete picture of your customers’ experience.

Real Browser Web Transaction Monitoring.

Emulate real user actions to assure and verify most critical functions of your online business around the world Create automated monitoring Web tests in plain English no programming or scripting skills required.
Unified Monitoring Dashboard

Linux and Windows Servers Health Monitoring

SiteObservers provides you with the tools to monitor your mission critical Web environment around the clock from inside the firewall
  • CPU, Memory & Disk Usage Monitoring
  • Processes Monitoring
  • Network I/O Monitoring

Website Availability Monitoring.

Receive real-time email or SMS based notifications the moment a slowdown or outage occurs More than a dozen standard monitor types to verify availability of key systems.
Website Availability Monitoring